Chu The Phat – Brisbane

Now that we are living on the south side of Brisbane, a myriad of new eating options is available to us. I did a bit of googling and discovered Chu The Phat, a huge, funky-fancy restaurant in Melbourne Street, South Brisbane. The website looked amazing and the menu seemed quite niche – surprising for such a big joint. Wasting not a second, I picked up the phone to reserve a table for the same night. Hurdle. The answering service told me that online booking was the way to go. I quickly unfolded the laptop as my deep-seated distrust of websites for mobile coupled with an increasing need for dan dan had me nervous about trying to complete such an important transaction hastily on a 12cm screen. After all, typing was involved. There was a table available, but not until 9pm. What to do? I got in touch with the other prospective diners and sought their opinion. Strangely, Scott was able to see a table available at 8.45pm and sensibly nabbed it then and there.

We spent a very pleasant hour at Taro’s Ramen waiting for our Chu The Phat table to become available. We are all keen for a full night at Taro’s, so more on that another time.

Arriving at Chu The Phat, I was surprised by two things: the size of the place, and the way it successfully struck a balance between funky and fancy. Dark, and a bit industrial inside, it was all glass and great lighting facing the street.

Chu The Phat’s fun exterior.

The staff were great. Our table was ready when we arrived, drinks came quickly, and questions about the menu were answered confidently.

We had eaten some snacks at Taro’s so weren’t too hungry. Jeremy was the only one to order entree and he chose the red fried pigs’ tails. They were the dish of the night. See their glory below.

Scott had red fried spatchcock, shiso honey mustard, chilli salt; Bec had nanna annas chilli chicken; Jeremy had fried rice – roast pork, egg, bull head sauce; and I had dan dan. All dishes were great, although the pigs’ tails surpassed all else. The dan dan could have had a bit more punch, but it was obvious the noodles were made on site and the pork was mouth-wateringly tender.

We’ll be back!

Jeremy’s pigs’ tails


Chu The Phat’s outdoor seating in Fish Lane.





Update – steps towards Asia

We are in the process of preparing for a (semi) permanent relocation from Australia to somewhere in Asia – so many great places, can’t pin it down any further at this stage. All of our big decisions are made with this goal in mind. A few things led to this situation. Here’s a quick summary…

In 2014, we both took leave without pay from our jobs for 12 months and moved to Hoi An, Vietnam for a year. It was the most fun year of our lives. While we were gone, we rented our Toowong townhouse to some awesome family members. When we came back, they wanted to stay a bit longer, so we took a rental apartment in Taringa. Fast forward a year or so. We took a month-long holiday in Myanmar, returned to Australia, and moved back into our Toowong place with the intention of fixing it up and putting it on the market. It was a solid 3 months of work getting the place ready to sell, but we worked hard, listed it for what we thought was a silly price, and sold it for said silly price in a few days. The next step was moving into a rental apartment in Indooroopilly. We stayed there for a year and I spent a lot of time on to make sure we didn’t miss the perfect property. The hours spent trawling new listings weren’t completely wasted as I was able to wrangle a rental into a sale (long story).

In April, we bought the Fairfield Tiny House, aka the Petite Palace. It’s a small one bedroom apartment with nothing that we don’t need, and we couldn’t be happier. We painted the walls, changed the lights, sold heaps more stuff, and  we are on track to having the place exactly as we want it. It fits into the bigger plan because we can easily rent it out as it’s close to the city, university, and hospitals, about 200m to the train station, and two minutes walk from a great shopping centre. This should mean we are not without a tenant for long. We wanted to keep our toes in the Brisbane market, and buying a small place at the bottom of the market seemed to make sense.

For now, it looks like we’ll kick along this way for another year or two. Jeremy is happier in his new job, our loved ones are healthy. Life is good.