Not fit for human consumption

I don’t eat much seafood, but apart from that I am generally willing to try anything. Had my first encounter with bitter melon this evening. Well, there’s one fruit that was aptly named. I was still shuddering from the experience when we were served some aloe vera for desert. Let’s just say if bitter melon is a 10 on the bitterness scale, aloe vera must be about, oh, 1000. Even a gallon of condensed milk could not tame it. Jeremy and I now have a new name for a facial expression showing extreme distaste: the ‘aloe vera face’. You are lucky there are no photos.

Here is a picture of a bitter melon. Looks harmless enough, doesn’t it? And below that is some aloe vera. Stay alert, people.

bitter melonaloe vera

Important decisions

We have a bit of a Sunday ritual going on here in Hoi An – a weekly trip to Cargo for a sweet treat. In the past, we have always had the chocolate tart, but this week we were determined to try something different. We carefully considered the merits of each pastry delight on offer, Jeremy mulled it over while staring out the window, and eventually we decided on the mango cheesecake….but it was sold out!

Hello again, chocolate tart.

Jeremy contemplates cargoDeliciousness at Cargo