Taking the fridge for a ride

A while ago now, our fridge broke down. The man who came to look at it diagnosed a serious issue that warranted attention back at the workshop. Of course, being Vietnam, it was transported to and from the workshop on the back of a motorbike. It’s very easy to get used to these kinds of sights, so I am posting this to remind myself of how different life is here.


Baby seat and wine selection

Here are two photos from our dinner outing tonight (Rice Drum, again, but it’s so good!). The first is a baby/child seat for a motorbike. This is the only time I have had the chance to photograph one of these without a baby/child on board. The second photo┬áis Jeremy selecting wine to enjoy while watching our completely legal download of My Kitchen Rules. We are trying to develop a taste for Dalat red because it fits with Jeremy’s carefully planned daily budget of approximately $4. Instead, I have developed a taste for Long Island Iced Tea.

Happy Birthday to Kellie and Scott – our 26 March lovelies! Your cards are in the mail.