Going to Malaysia

Today we are setting off on a 9 day trip to Malaysia. I do love Vietnam, but I am very excited to be leaving for a little while. I’m not the most minimal of travellers but have decided to try travelling with only a small (carry on size) backpack. I think most of the space is taken up with running shoes and my DSLR.

We will be visiting Kuala Lumpur, Langkawi and Penang. See you when we are back in Vietnam!

This fab fake North Face backpack was $15 in Hoi An. Everyone says the fakes are no good, but it’s time to find out for sure.


Half marathon

When we first came to Hoi An, it was my running goal to enter the Danang Marathon on 31 August. What I didn’t consider was that the three months of relentless energy-sapping heat that began in the middle of May would make long runs impossible. There is no way I could have run 30+ km in preparation for the marathon in that kind of heat.

A few weeks ago when the temperature dropped ever so slightly, I was finally able to run more than 5km. I got to thinking that maybe the half marathon could be possible. Then we booked a trip to Malaysia leaving on the 31 August, so running in the Danang event was no longer an option. There was only one thing for it – run my own half marathon! I put it off a few times; once because I was lazy, and once because a storm was coming, but last night I did the run. I felt great the whole way, and there was a cool ocean breeze on the beach portion of the run. Thank you Mandy and Peter for cheering me on at 18.9km, thank you Jason for heckling me at 19.6km, and thank you Jeremy for riding along with me most of the way. Thank you Mica and Colin for the drinks and cards afterwards. Here is the map from my Garmin:


In other news, Jeremy and I have started planning lots of travel for the next six months. It’s very exciting!

I haven’t posted much here lately, but I’ve been busy over on my flickr, so please visit to see heaps of new photos. Just click the link below.

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