Back in Penang, a hotel with an amazing feature

We arrived back in Penang today on the overnight train from Bangkok to Butterworth. What an excellent service that is! I absolutely recommend travelling this way if you have the time. Bangkok was great, and I find it to be a liveable city. It’s modern but it still has plenty of interesting nooks and crannies to explore.

On to the main reason for this post….

We have been travelling for about four months now, and it’s fair to say we have seen the inside of a few hotel rooms. It takes a pretty special feature to prompt its own blog post, so here it is. The multi-type power point that also has two USB ports! This might be old news to some people, but it’s the first one I have seen. No need for a converter! USB devices can be charged straight into the wall! Wow! Tis the way of the future for sure.

PenangPlug1 PenangPlug2

Busy times

Malaysia was amazing. I will write about it soon, but have been quite busy since we got back. We are leaving Vietnam on 7 October for four months of travel in Cambodia, Northern Thailand and Laos. I’ve sold pretty much everything that we aren’t taking with us, and I must say I was a bit sad when the bicycles went. Just the motorbike to go now.

Last week I made a website for Hieu’s homestay. Check it out below:

Webpage screenshot