Beers of Hue

Things are very different in Hue. My favourite Hoi An dishes are either completely absent, or if they are on the menu, they are there in a strangely altered form. The traffic seems to flow differently. The heat is different – hotter, not as humid. The beer is different too. Travel the 105km from Hue to Danang and you will be hard pushed to find a Huda beer whereas in Hue, it’s Huda or nothing. Well, Huda, Hue or Festival, to be exact. Hue asks a lot of its beer, to quote the Hue Beer Export label:

“Hue Beer has a unique taste with imperial and premium style that brings you full inspiration. It’s warmly welcomed and preferred by the world around.”

I’ve tried all three of Hue’s beers, and I like Huda the best. Here are some pics of Hue’s finest, sitting proud on the shelf of an A mart. At the time of writing, $1 AUD = 20,000 VND. These beers come in at 16,000VND, 14,000VND and 15,000VND per bottle. Interesting fact #68, Huda Beer is brewed by Carlsberg.

I will leave you now as my inspiration is due to arrive any second. Had a Hue Beer with lunch…..

Festival Beer Hue Huda Beer Hue Hue Beer from...Hue


Good times in Hue

Our trip to Hue was plenty of fun. There is a lot to see and Huda beer is good. We enjoyed some very nice Champagne at the Hue Festival, too. I have a friend Jan who is a frequent visitor to Vietnam – we often lament the shortage of decent food in Hue. I am sure good food is there to be had, but we sure as hell couldn’t find it. Here are some night photos for you to enjoy!

Next post – tour of the DMZ including Khe Sanh.

Bridge over the Perfume River in Hue

Bridge over the Perfume River in Hue

Street food in Hue

Street food in Hue

Watching the show

Watching a show at the 2014 Hue Festival

Floating restaurant in Hue

Floating restaurant in Hue – it changes colour, so I had to wait for purple.