Honda Forza & Honda Dio – his ‘n’ hers

Since coming back to Brisbane, we have had a couple of hurdles to jump over. One of them was the death of my beloved Honda Scoopy. Actually, he’s not dead, but the part needed to fix him is not available in Australia and will cost over $500 (and three weeks) to import and install. It’s such a shame because he is otherwise pristine.

Onwards and upwards, Jeremy now has a Honda Forza which is a big, bad 300cc. Sitting on it, I feel like I am in an armchair. The best thing is that the passenger seat is super wide and quite a bit higher than the driver seat, which means I can see what’s happening in front. The bikes we rode in SE Asia were much smaller and I could only see to the sides of the road.

When Scoopy was diagnosed, I began looking for a new ride. I am now the owner of a lovely white Honda Dio. It’s a 110cc, so much more powerful than Scoopy’s 50cc’s. It’s a great bike and I find it very stable and comfortable on the road.

Here is the Backhouse/Honda family album.

Jeremy’s Honda Forza. I can’t even touch the ground.

My new Honda Dio. I can dink, y’all.


My first love, the Honda Scoopy. The only bike to have its own song. Do yourself a favour and watch it. Link below.


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